these things make me very uncomfortable so try not to mention them around me!!!!


(i have severe emetophobia. some of the time i can deal with people talking about it but its a sensitive subject for me. don't show pictures, videos (even if theyre silent!!) or send me sounds)


(colds r ok... im more talking about, like, the flu or a stomach bug etc.)


(less serious compared to the other two. correlates to an abusive person i used to know. ill deal with it if ur a mutual but like. Don't Talk Directly To Me About It)

as a warning, i struggle with anxiety and depression primarily. i also have panic attacks somewhat regularly.

those things can sometimes limit me from replying, being active, etc.

if im freaking out online, don't worry - it'll probably be over in 30 min to a day depending on what i'm struggling with. thank you for reading!